This video campaign was used by Tecla aka. Komodo OpenLab Inc. as the entry video for the INTERFACE HEALTH CHALLENGE X 2017 (#IHCX2017) -- the 3rd annual competition to find the world’s most innovative digital health start-ups. Tecla made the top 10 out of 1000+ startups and will be competing for first place in October 2017. Video content was filmed by Know Hau Media. Video and script crafted by Kaela Mal. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.55.04 PM.png

This video was created to promote Tecla's 2016 holiday campaign in partnership with March of Dimes Canada. The campaign raised enough funds to provide a family and an extracurricular program each a fundraised Tecla Shield. Retail price is $349 USD per Tecla Shield. The campaign prize, the Tecla Shield, was featured on CTV Ottawa's Tech Toys segment. 

During the Pokemon GO craze, the team at Tecla tested the game to see whether or not it is accessible. This video was made to share that it is in fact accessible along with a demonstration of how some of our Tecla users were playing the game. The video received approximately 8.2K views on YouTube and was covered by Tech Crunch, The Indian Express, Enables Me, Pop Culture Uncovered, and more.