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New York Guide + A Note on Love

New York Guide + A Note on Love


Friday afternoon, a few of us were sitting by the water at a cottage my family rented -- something we've started doing yearly, but this was the first time we've all had our significant others up as well. As Steph and I were sitting with my 7-year-old cousin, Sofia, we had the sweetest interaction. It went like this:

*Steph gave me a little kiss*

Me: Whoa, that gave me butterflies.

Steph, turns to Sofia and asks: "Did you think that was gross?"

Sofia: "No, I love butterflies"

How pure and sweet is that? It gave me a little dose of love and hope that this world desperately needs.

While we were in New York, the results of Trump's America were evident. We walked through Brooklyn one afternoon towards a vintage store I wanted to go to and passed by a man selling T-shirts that read "Don't shoot, I'm Black". That same day, the terror attack in Barcelona took place, and later in the evening, at Maggie Rogers' show, she took a moment before starting to state that this concert was a safe space and there would be no homophobia, xenophobia, racism, sexism or bigotry and those who couldn't respect that could leave. That was the only time during the show I got a little misty. 

I've never really felt unsafe. As a privileged white woman, there has never been fear in leaving my home or getting into some kind of trouble that money or knowing the right people couldn't get me out of. But with the way the world has been changing in the recent months, I've found myself wondering if I will be targeted for holding hands with a woman and showing affection towards her, or if it is safe to go to a huge concert like Coldplay's at a large venue with thousands of people in attendance. Have you been feeling this way, too?

Besides this unsettling feeling in my belly, our trip to New York was perfect. We ate more than two people should and walked many many steps. We met up with my bff Chris for drinks and oysters one night and coffee and ricotta toast the next morning. She's living the dream dancing for a company in the city and seeing her glow made our meet ups all the more sweet. 

Between Chris and Steph, our list of "must eats" was wildly long. We practically based our trip around food joints and I wouldn't have had it any other way. For anyone planning a trip to ze big apple anytime soon, here are some of my most memorable meals:


Black Seed Bagel - I ordered a bagel (as one does in NYC) with smoked salmon and tobiko cream cheese. Yes, it was a good as it sounds. Steph opted for a sweeter choice of ricotta, apples, and honey. These bad boys kept us absolutely stuffed that we had to push our lunch reservations twice. 


Ludlow Coffee Supply - We met Chris here on Friday morning. She was late, as expected, but showed up in her finest rain poncho and military boots. We both ordered Ricotta toast with fresh berries and honey which kept me satisfied all morning long. Steph got a PB and banana toast EVEN THOUGH CHRIS IS ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS. The stress. Luckily, there was no need for an EpiPen. We all left happy. 



Chelsea Market - We walked 500 miles. I would not have walked 500 more but at the end of the trek, we made it to the Chelsea Market. Similar to the St. Lawrence Market, the building is home to a variety of vendors selling food, crafts, jewelry and more. We snuck into a secret passage way that led us to a small taco dive and each ordered a different type of Ceviche on a tostada with a cup of aqua fresca. Later, we popped by The Lobster Place and tried a variety of Oysters from large and salty to small and sweet, and finished off our "lunch" with mini doughnuts from Doughnuttery. I chose Cacaoboy, a blend of cacao and fiery mesquite, and Steph chose House of Cardamom, a mix of Cardamom and orange zest.


Balaboosta - If you are looking for authentic Mediterranean dishes, go here. Just trust me on this one. We started with the Mediterranean Sampler which was made up of freshly made hummus, labneh, and a roasted tomato and eggplant dip. THE DIPS, they were fantastic. We also ordered the fried olives (these!!!) and the Israeli Street Fair (similar to a Doner). 



Fette Sau - If you are prepared to consciously walk-into a meat-sweat-inducing situation, this is the place to visit. The relaxed atmosphere paired with a walk-up to order made for the perfect pre-concert dinner. We shared a platter of ribs, pulled pork (that we each slathered with the different BBQ sauces they had per table), a piece of roasted chicken, potato salad, and my favourite, slow cooked beans with pork ends. I'm not salivating, you are.



We celebrated what we thought was going to be our last night in 'murica with drinks at Sel Rrose. Their impressive cocktail list is suitable for all palettes. I started with a refreshing lemon cocktail and had a smoky and spicy cocktail to finish. We sprung for Oysters (because who doesn't love to live beyond their means), and the salt cod and potato dip. I ordered a lobster roll and Chris chose the watermelon feta salad. Besides the food and the perfect outdoor seating, the best part of the evening was the table next to me overhearing me talking about Broad City and yelling "oh girl, yes!!! You best be ready for season 4!" Man, I love New York.

I know this post started one way and ended in another, but to quickly bring us back to the way it started, sometimes the best way to show love is through food. 

Here's hoping for a less frightening and more delicious tomorrow.

Dear post-grad brain, give me a break.

Dear post-grad brain, give me a break.

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