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Wool Wallhanger DIY

Wool Wallhanger DIY


Being the broke student that I am, I could never justify spending $87 at Urban Outfitters on one of their wallhangers. Though they are beautiful, I would've felt such Italian guilt seeing one hang on my wall. Thank you Nonna for said guilt. But after the many times I considered biting the bullet and buying one, I realized that I could make my own, and at the fraction of the cost. 

This wallhanger DIY is extremely easy, inexpensive (I'm talking $10 max), and livens up any blank walls. Since my house was built in the beginning of time, the plaster walls don't allow for shelves or any other heavy things to be mounted. So this DIY was the perfect solution.

    What you need:

    • Wooden dowel 
    • Yarn
    • Scissors
    • 2 nails to mount hanger to wall

    1. As you go along, cut yourself pieces of yarn double the length that you want your wallhanger to be. You will be looping each strand onto the dowel which will reduce the length by 50%.

    2. Fold your strand by placing the two cut ends together. This will leave a loop at the top. Place the loop over the dowel as shown above.

    3. Fold the loop over the dowel (front over to back).

    4. Lace the yarn through the loop .

    5. Pull the laced yarn through firmly.

    For this wallhanger, I started with 5 grey strands, 4 yellow, and continued with grey until I felt I could add the 4 yellow on the other end and finish with the 5 grey.

    Don't worry about ensuring each piece of yarn is the same length, you can cut the bottom to fix any stragglers. 

    PS. I'd love to see yours. Tag #collectivechaosDIY on the 'gram :)  

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