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UPCYCLE THIS || Blanket Stitched Slits

UPCYCLE THIS || Blanket Stitched Slits


Let’s face it, my hair situation is horrific and in dire need of some TLC. BUT IN OTHER NEWS, I learned a new skill this past week! I sat myself down in front of youtube and trolled the interweb to find the name of this particular kind of stitch. Some of my search entries included “loopy stitch with line along edges embroider” and “basket stitch???”. 

I just had not a one clue what it was called. But then I found it. 

But before I get into this, I have a confession to make: I’m one of those people who goes thrifting and then gets so excited about her ~finds~ that she puts them on before, um, washing them?

I know, I hate myself too. But it is what it is. I probably won’t change. 


Similarly to the way I find most things at Value Village, this oversized t-shirt dress caught my eye all sprawled out over a rack of clothes. It was shapeless and olive coloured (my new favourite) and reminded me of a sack -- all things I love. But after wearing it a few times, I felt the dress could use a little sprucing up, and since I own ALL of the embroidery thread, this little DIY was a no-brainer.

There really was no plan to this project. I quite literally cut two slits up the sides of the dress right along the seem. Then, I aggressively forced myself to learn how to execute this stitch and went for it while watching an episode of SVU. Olivia Benson motivates me like no one else can. 

I'm really excited to try this stitch on denim. Maybe I'll even throw a little embroidery party in the spring. It's the fastest way to repurpose your clothing -- especially the pieces that have just been collecting dust in your closet. 


But until then, I'll just let Stuart wear the clothes I "make". And I will wear his. 

Ultrasound goo, the inside of my boobs, and one too many unwanted hugs.

Ultrasound goo, the inside of my boobs, and one too many unwanted hugs.

Everyone's Getting Engaged

Everyone's Getting Engaged